Seizure 69


Kicking off with The Sleeper, Seizure 69’s reworked series of EPs will breathe new life into recordings from nearly a decade ago. Filled with scorching Abercrombie guitar riffs and led by Savich’s trademark vocal tone, each record serves as just a precursor for the new material they’re currently working on. After successfully releasing The Sleeper, the band will follow up with 3 more EPs including Spirit of the Past, They Only Come Out at Night and Things Change.While the EP series continues to roll on, Seizure 69 is holed up in Abercrombie’s home studio to craft and perfect their latest album, The Gemini Project. Reunited after 8 years of living on separate coasts, the pair has gained a world of experience and inspiration while working as producers and session musicians for the better part of a decade. The Gemini Project sees Abercrombie and Savich branching out beyond their rock-metal roots, while still delivering the aggressive, powerful sound fans crave.Abercrombie is also working on remastering and releasing a host of projects spanning from 1992 to 2002 to release in conjunction with The Gemini Project in March 2014 including:Kross – Have a Nice Day (1990)Jim Abercrombie – Planet Baby Monkey (1992)Mamahead – Self Titled (1994)Uncle Fletcher – Living by Numbers (1998)4Star Daydream – Compilation of songs from Like Static, Disappearing Man, Instrumental Inf. (2002)Seizure 69 was formed by singer-songwriter Damon Savich and guitarist/music bed writter Jim “Ab” Abercrombie in 2001. After years of playing and touring together in a number of Florida bands, the duo released Seizure 69’s debut album Forgotten Son in late 2001. The group’s sophomore effort, They Only Come Out at Night was demoed and recorded in 2005 but ended up indefinitely delayed after Savich relocated to California following Hurricane Ivan.The first installment in Seizure 69’s EP series, The Sleeper, is available for purchase through the band’s official website now, with their original album Forgotten Son on iTunes and Amazon. Check out their  Tunecore page for streaming audio and connect on Facebook to stay updated on all the latest news surrounding The Gemini Project.



Dog Kiss Records and Kross are thrilled to announce the release of the re-mastered album from KROSS “Have a Nice day” , available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, Deezer, Youtube Music Key, Shazam and Siri iPhone. Have A Nice Day is a powerhouse of sound from this metal quintet. From the opening attack of “Welcome to th Wax”, the darkness of “Threshold of Pain” and the melodic crunch of “Sheet Metal Nightmare”. This album will leave you pounding your fist for more. This is no death metal band but metal in its true form with hard driving guitars, vocals and drums. These songs along with PCS, Overjolt and Arsenal are a welcome punch to the brain for the drivin listener.Recorded at Windmark Studios with engineer Dave Runstedler and produced by KROSS.

Dog Kiss Records


Dog Kiss Records is thrilled to announce their launch with the release of 9 separate artist. A debut release from David Peterson aka “Davo” from “The Davo Combo”. Singles include “Forever in the Days” and “Can’t Take another Heartbreak”. The heavy metal head banging sounds of KROSS and Uncle Fletcher. The Hard Rock Alternative Sounds of Seizure 69 (featuring Damon Savich) and The Retro Sounding Swamp Rock from MAMAHEAD and 4Star Daydream to name a few. All artists are available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, Deezer, Youtube Music Key, Shazam and Siri iPhone.  Jim Abercrombie is the founder of Dog Kiss Records. He has over three decades of experience playing, writing and recording music. He spent a summer session at GIT (Hollywood California) in 1985 and has been recording ever since. Dog Kiss Records now offers: Recording, Mastering, Publishing, Duplication, Distribution, Merchandising and more.

Seizure 69


Dog Kiss Records brings you the bombastic guitar and vocals oriented "Heavy Melody" band... "SEIZURE 69". With the hard-hitting EP, "The Sleeper" and the full length offering, "Forgotten Son", SEIZURE 69 is off and running on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, Deezer, YouTube Music Key, Shazam and Siri iPhone. Jim Abercrombie (Music) and Damon Savich (Lyrics, Vocals, Vocal Melodies, Vocal Harmonies, All Vocals) have been very prolific musicians over the years, since their first collaboration in 1984 with the single “Trilogy” to the newest songs “Spider Lady” and “Where Can I Find Love”. As the two collaborate to re-Master most of their early works and put the  finishing touches on many more recent ones, they have also resurrected SEIZURE 69 Demo tracks originally recorded from 2001 and 2005 sessions. The new LP "They Only Come Out at Night" (available February 2015) and another full-length follow up "Gemini Project" are headed your way.It should be noted that the amazing cover-girl/model EMMA BROWN is currently featured on cover(s) of “They Only Come Out at Night” LP.


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